An industry first – Sub-Zero has reconfigured the Built in Side by Side Refrigerator/Freezer to provide chilled water AND ice inside the refrigerator. The redesign has also included improved energy efficiency. The Built in Side by Side 48SID now has variable speed compressors and vacuum sealed panels within its insulation. This makes this model 20% more energy efficient than the next best built in refrigerator and so energy efficient it runs on less power than a 60watt light bulb.

The ICBBI-48SID product is a perfect match of convenience and aesthetics, keeping water and ice at your fingertips without having to sacrifice the clean appearance that has made Sub-Zero a leader in timeless built-in design. Overlay and stainless steel models are both available. The new flush inset overlay design installation cleverly allows the unit to sit flush with surrounding cabinetry.


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