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At Image Buildings we build custom duplexes for people in every life stage and financial budget – first homebuyers, growing families, retirees, and investors.

A duplex offers privacy and space for both parties with much lower financial costs than two separate building packages.

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Each duplex does not need to be exactly the same in size or layout. Custom building your duplex allows you the flexibility to design both dwellings to suit your individual needs. It can also ease the financial strain of mortgage repayments.

Live in one while you rent out the other.

Rent out both giving you a dual income.

Have a loved one that needs more frequent supervision live right next door but still maintain their independence.

Parents who are looking to downsize and live in one duplex, whilst allowing their children and grandchildren to live in the second duplex.


Image Buildings will help guide you through the entire process of building your townhouses. Through our years of experience in building custom townhouses, we have developed efficient processes that result in more cost effective and stress free builds. Image Buildings can guide you through the process with peace of mind.

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