Granny Flats


Whether you want to build a Granny Flat to care for an ailing loved one, as a residence for independent children, or to take advantage of your properties potential to earn extra income and increase its value, Image Buildings can help.

Local councils govern the regulations in regards to granny flats; these regulations are generally:

  • They can only be built on a residential property and each residential property is limited to one granny flat.
  • The owner of the granny flat must be the owner of the primary dwelling.
  • The total block size must be at least 450m2.
  • Granny flats can be attached to the primary dwelling, or can be free standing.
  • Granny flats must have clear, separate and unobstructed pedestrian access.
  • The granny flat can have no more than 60m2 of living space. However, patios, verandas or carports can be attached in addition to this allowance.


The Building Process in Five Easy Steps