New Custom Built Homes

An expression of your individual taste and lifestyle

At Image Buildings we construct custom homes for people in every life stage and financial budget – first homebuyers, growing families, retirees, and investors.


Making the decision to build a new custom design house rather than buying a generic company home package, gives you the opportunity to design the house that perfectly suits your needs. Our true cost policy tenders, demonstrate the real cost of constructing your custom design home, with no hidden extras. We don’t believe in surprises when it comes to cost.

There are many great benefits of choosing to build a new custom home

Built to suit you

Your new home designed the way you want it to fit your lifestyle.

Easy maintenance

New homes are fitted with the latest technology that makes it easy to maintain the comfortable lifestyle and living environment you want.

Safe and sound

New homes are designed to meet today’s high building standards for structure, ventilation, fire safety and sustainability. 

Lower cost of living

New contemporary homes must comply with stricter Energy Star ratings when it comes to water, energy, and its waste effects on the environment. All of this helps lower the cost of living in your new home and provides a cleaner future for your family.

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