Modern construction and renovations contain a lot of hard surfaces – timber floor boards, polished concrete floors, tiles and lots of glass being in vogue, reverberated noise bounces around like a billiard ball on a pool table.

The simple solution is to hang an acoustic art panel. The games room, dining room, hallways, children’s room, bed room, and common areas can all be conquered with a beautiful art piece that will absorb the reverberating noise within an area.

Your own special image can be digitally printed or you can choose an image from Volume Controls Library. Alternatively you can select a suitable fabric to enhance the charm of your room.

Pre-assembled, high quality, light weight and ready to hang. Acoustic wall art is constructed of a PVC housing that encases a polyester acoustic board which contains a minimum of 80% recycled product and is finished with your choice of acoustically transparent fabric, that is wrapped across the face and around the sides creating an innovative personal solution for your noise issue which can also be used as pinboards.

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