Mortar Joints
The mortar joint and colour can alter the appearance of bricks considerably, allowing you to achieve a relaxed light feel or a dramatic contrasting effect.

The raked version is common however rolled or ironed joints complement nearly all brick and house styles. Flush joints provide a flatter look by minimising shadow.

Brick Bond Patters
The stack bond where bricks are laid horizontally in vertical columns with vertical joints aligning provides a clean, modern look and is popular as a feature in both internal and external brickwork.

Banding bricks in contrasting colour or texture as a single soldier or stretcher course around a building’s perimeter can be used to reduce the scale of a large surface or to emphasize horizontal elements.

Further interest can be created by corbelling and racking to either project or recess the brickwork from the vertical façade, essentially adding a three-dimensional quality to the design.

Building Brick Design Trends – Accents


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