Here’s a few helpful tips when choosing bricks for your home.

Find a house style for you

First decide on the style of house you’d like to build, as the design can greatly influence the type of bricks you use.

Your home location

The location of your home will help determine the type of bricks and mortar joints you need. Exposure grade bricks are made to withstand severe coastal conditions, including homes subject to air borne salt spray. General Purpose (GP) grade bricks are suited to all other building types and locations

Colour & Texture

The look and feel of bricks you choose will help create your particular style of home. There are many choices:

Smooth bricks – almost ceramic appearance with straight edges
Velour bricks – grained texture and straight edges
Torn face brick- a weathered look.
Rolled bricks – distinctive with a variety of textures.
Tumbled bricks – a rustic look.
Fritted bricks – a mottled appearance.

Did you know Bricks come in different sizes?

Standard 76mm high bricks (230mm long x 110mm wide)
Slimmer 50mm high
All brick sizes can be used for the entire house or in patterns, window sills, feature walls, formal areas, fireplaces and architectural details.


You may be surprised to learn that the colour and type of mortarjoint (between the bricks) can have a striking impact on the look of your bricks.

Common Mortar Colours are:

Natural or grey
White or off white
Cream or buff
Coloured mortar to match the brick colour
The mortar joint refers to how the band of mortar between the bricks is finished. Common Mortar Joints are:

Ironed joint
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