Skydome glass skylights brings in light and opening ones also bring in fresh air, they will turn a dull and dark room into a bright and exciting room. A Skydome glass skylight will suit most types of roofing profiles: corrugated, metal deck & tile.

Skydome glass skylights come in many shapes and sizes include square and rectangular from 55mm square up to 1200mm (sectional). Glazing options include single or double glazed, clear, opal, tinted or wired glass. Using the latest glass technology, glass skylights have higher thermal qualities: cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Dependent upon the types of glass installed, heat and UV ingress can be reduced by up to 78% (double glazed with tinted insulation) during summer and retention of warmth in winter by up to 69%. Non-combustible `Bush Fire Skylights’ glass skylights are also available.

This would be a great addition to any of our granny flats , a renovation or new home.

Vistit the Skydome website to find a Sydome glass skylight that suites your needs.

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